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Do you have HIV or AIDS? What are the symptoms of HIV?

The symptoms of HIV are similar to a flu in it's initial stages. If you think that you might have HIV, then it is best to get tested so that you can receive treatment and live a normal healthy life.

Read some of our real life scenarios to help understand HIV testing and infection.

HIV can be treated!

HIV medication has come a long way since the virus was discovered 30 years ago. Today there are a range of treatments that will control the virus and allow you to live life to the fullest. The first step is to get a screening test to see if you have HIV.

Get tested, get counseling, get healthy.

The screening test Hiv test kit will tell you if you are HIV positive or not. If you are HIV negative, then there is no trace of HIV in your blood and you have nothing to be worried about. If you are HIV positive, then it is best to go for counseling. Counseling involved a nurse or doctor who will explain in detail what your treatment options are based on the severity of the virus. Remember, HIV can be controlled!

HIV Treatment

If you are HIV positive and you know it, then you can start taking control of your health. There are many public and private treatment facilities in South Africa that will help you. You only live once, make the most of your life by keeping healthy and taking control of your health.

The first step is to get tested. The sooner you know your HIV status , the sooner you can fight the virus.

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We now also offer oral HIV test kits call 011 482 5135 to order!

Oral hiv test kits use saliva to get HIV results instead of the traditional HIV test kits that use blood

National AIDS HELPLINE 0800 012 322

National HIV Health Care Workers Hotline 0800 212 506